Cheap international calls with

When you make international calls, you can use the service of offers cheap rates for all international destinations. You don't need a contract or a registration. You don't have to pay up front. You will pay via your regulator phone bill.

How it works

Making a call using is really simple!
Actually, it’s no different than what you’re already used to except that you call a number before your international number. You don’t pay more than a few cents for the number, and we place your international call. That’s all there is to it!

The following step-by-step directions show you how easy and inexpensive it is to make your calls using

  1. Look up the number of the country you want to call and enter this number.
    Wait until you have made contact with (“Welcome to”) before going any further.
    (You will then be informed of the rate per minute for the call you’re going to make.)
  2. Now enter the telephone number you want to call just like you always do: the standard country code followed by the complete telephone number.
  3. Now enter a # (pound sign) and your call is put through.


  1. You want to call the telephone number of a fixed telephone in France. In the list of rates for France, you’ll will see: fixed: 0900-5050203 (3 c/min). Start by calling 0900-5050203. You will then hear the rate for the call you want to make – in this case, it will be 3 cents a minute.
  2. Enter the complete French number (including the international access number of 0033).
  3. Finish by pressing the pound sign (#). You will then be connected to the telephone number in France.